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At PraxisTech Co, we understand the unique challenges faced by home-based entrepreneurs, small businesses, rural communities and the agricultural industry in the fast-paced world of technology. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive IT services that cater to the specific needs of these sectors. Our mission is to empower our clients to thrive in the digital age by leveraging our expertise and cutting-edge solutions. We will always find a solution that fits your needs!


Do you need some ideas? Need guidance on your network? We can help guide you or help map out your IT needs. We will work with your vendors and service providers to ensure your infrastructure is secure and efficient.
Just need guidance? Our on-site engineers will point you in the right direction and be available to support you in the future if you need it.


“It hasn’t happened yet so it probably wont happen to us.”
If this is your security mentality than we need to talk. We have seen Doctors, Attorneys, Home Businesses, and yes even your local Dairy farmer, all losing money and clients because their systems were compromised or their services were rendered unusable. Contact us for help today.

Onsite computer services

System Repair

Home or Business workstation or server? We have you covered!
With over 20 years in hardware repair, we understand it isn’t for everyone to repair their own. Let us help you fix your system and keep perfectly good hardware out of the landfills.
Repair, Repurpose or Recycle.


Need a new workstation or network equipment? How about security cameras or a new doorbell? We have you covered. We will spec out and install what you need. Are you building out a new AI (IoT) home? Yup! we do that as well. We never up-charge on hardware. MSRP only and if we get it on sale… You get it on sale.

Web Hosting / Development

Customer Management, Billing, Marketing and Sales. We have a CRM solution for you. Managed or Purchased, we provide the solution that is right for you. Need a website for your business, farm or home office? Let us help you design something that is perfect for you.

General I.T. Services

Does it connect to the internet?
Is it a computer or server?
Is it email or a website?

Do you need new Ethernet cable or a new wifi set up?
We got it! Our diverse team will ensure you have the right product and service to suite your requirements.